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The ‘Pre-Print’ labels can only be used for domestic shipment.
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In case you select an option, it will be applied to ALL LABELS of this order. On the BPack Easy Retour product you can only select the option Signature. 
  - signature upon receival of the parcel (+0,5€ / parcel)
  - parcel insured up to 500 euro - incl. signature upon receival of the parcel (+1€ / parcel)
  - parcel is automatically presented the next working day in case of non-delivery (+2,25€ / parcel)
Preprint Label specifications
Labels with preprinted destination addresses
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*Number of labels per page
For customers with a special UV-RD contract
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In case the parcel cannot be delivered or in case the parcel has not been picked up, they will be sent back to the following address:
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